Mgr. Daniela ORAVCZOVÁ, advokátka (EN)


Lawyer´s Office of Lawyer Mgr. Daniela ORAVCZOVÁ has been providing her clients with complex legal services since her registration into the Register of Lawyers, kept by the Slovak Bar Association – Slovenská advokátska komora in January 2007.





I am a graduate of Faculty of Law at the Trnava University (Právnická fakulta Trnavskej univerzity v Trnave). Following my graduation I started my professional career in a lawyer´s office, located in Komárno. I passed my lawyer´s exams in September 2006.

I was registered into the List of Lawyers, kept by the Slovak Bar Association – Slovenská advokátska komora in January 2007 under Registration No. 5481, and since that time I have been rendering legal services, as lawyer, in all spheres of the law.

Language Skills

Fluent in the English and the Hungarian languages, beside the native Slovak

My Lawyer´s Office elaborates legal documents in the Slovak language, with an option of their translation according to the needs of customers into their respective languages, by certified translators (subject to additional fee, acc. to the price list of the given translator)


My Lawyer´s Office renders complete services in the following spheres of the law:

Commercial Law
Commercial companies – Ltd. (s.r.o.), complex services – elaboration of different types of commercial agreements, legal consultancy in commercial-legal matters and representation in such cases
Civil Law
Legal consultancy and representation in the matters of compensation for damages, handing out of groundlessly acquired property, determination of ownership title to immovable properties, cancellation and settlement of co-ownership relations to immovable properties, legal consultancy and representation in legal disputes, arising from contractual relationships, in inheritance cases, and further, the elaboration of different types of agreements
Conveyances – Transfers of Immovable Properties
Elaboration of purchase agreements, agreements on donations and of other types of agreements concerning conveyances and transfers of immovable properties, together with related legal services
Family Law
Dissolution of marriages, modification of parental rights and duties in regard to minor children, settlement of joint ownership of marital partners following the dissolution of their marriage
Labour Law
Rendering of labour-law consultancy and representation in labour-law disputes, inc. agencies of temporary employment and posting of workers abroad (EU) – employer/employee
Criminal Law
Defence (of charged and indicted persons) in criminal proceedings, likewise the representation of victims in criminal proceedings
Electronic “Debt Collection Order” Proceedings
Payment Orders in the Debt Collection Order Proceedings
Execution Law
Elaboration and filing of proposals to commence with execution proceedings and the representation of entitled/obliged entities in execution proceedings

My Lawyer´s Office fully employs the services of “eGovernment” system, what is the electronic form of the execution of public administration, with the help of IT and telecommunication technologies. Such procedure comes along with the reduction of court fees, swifter
process and further advantages, promoting the effectivity of settling the matters

Price list

Lawyer´s Fee

Rendering of legal services is subject to fee, in accordance with the provisions of Announcement of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Z.z. on the remuneration and cover of expenses of lawyers for rendering legal services – and correspondingly, lawyer´s fee is determined, as it follows:

  • on the basis of agreement between the lawyer and his/her client, reached on contractual fee on the basis of their mutual assent – which is a common practice, or (in exceptional cases, if there cannot be reached an agreement between them)
  • on the basis of respective provisions of the above stated Announcement, which apply for the so called “Tariff Based Fee”


M.A. Daniela ORAVCZOVÁ. Lawyer

Registered in the List of Lawyers, kept by the Slovak Bar Association – Slovenská advokátska komora, under Registration No. 5481

so sídlom
M. R. Štefánika 6, Komárno, Slovakia
(In the vicinity of the office building you can find plenty of parking space)

+421 (0) 905 695 518

IČO: 42049377
DIČ: 1072742880

Driving from the “border” bridge between Hungary and Slovakia, heading from Hungary, turn to the right on the first crossroad with traffic lights, and directly after the crossroad there is a parking place, next to the office building, in which my office is located.
In front the office building there is situated the Statue of M. R. Štefánik.
My office can be found in the building of “Dom Matice Slovenskej.

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